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PTSD Counseling

With PTSD counseling, my immediate concern is that you receive appropriate care and counseling if needed. I am a provider for certain insurance plans. Please contact my office to verify coverage before scheduling and appointment.

Please be patient with the process, it is the first step on your road to recovery. No matter what the situation is, no matter what you have been told, or by whom, and especially no matter what you have told yourself, you always have the option of doing something to better your situation!

I have been a behavioral health professional since 1991 and one of my father's most favorite sayings: "As long as you have breath of life in you, you can work on changing the things that don't please you. And the only time it’s ever "too late," is when they shovel that dirt over you!" He was then, and is still, absolutely correct!

We can be our own greatest motivator or, our own worst inhibitor and being caught up in that paralyzing fear of change keeps a lot of people in their "uncomfortable comfort zones." But, by realizing those possible decisions and their results, gives you an advantage. A behavioral health professional can answer the question, "What advantage is that?"

When you allow yourself to be caught up in indecisiveness, worry or some other form of "uncomfortable comfort zone," you are stagnating! You are not moving forward, you're not moving side to side and you're not even moving backwards. You're just spinning your wheels and digging yourself in a deeper and deeper rut.

You may be facing the greatest adversity of your live and need PTSD counseling to assist with your issues and discover a plan of action that's right for you.



  • feelings of sadness and emptiness
  • drinking more than I had planned to
  • alternating between feelings of high and low
  • worrying too much
  • deeply troubled, more than normal, by a traumatic event
  • inability to focus or concentrate for any length of time
  • short temper and stay mad longer with more intensity
  • experience vivid nightmares and have them more frequently
  • more prone to turn to alcohol or drugs for help dealing with my emotional state
  • believe I am undeserving of good feelings from other people
  • believe there is nothing that can be done to help me
  • no motivation to perform everyday experiences; bathing, grooming, cleaning house, etc