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Many keynote motivational speakers are contracted to speak at National Keynote Events. As a motivational speaker, my goal is to help you find the positive and move forward toward your goal.

All over the world human beings share a common aspect, that controls us. What that aspect is... is something called our "internal dialogue." What we tell ourselves is what we will believe, over and above what any and every "expert" in the world might say....The reason for this? Quite simple! We have heard this voice longer than we have heard any others.

We must next understand how our human mind works. We receive information through our five senses. That is, when we see, hear, smell, taste or touch something that information immediately goes to the outer most portion of our brain, (called the " Thinking cap") where a thought is formed. That thought then filters down to another part of the brain... where an emotion is created. The emotion then filters to another part of our brain and, just like gasoline inside an internal combustion engine; it "powers" our actions. These actions are also called our "behavior."

Many keynote motivational speakers have this in common, be positive and the reason I share these things with you is to let you know two things about yourself and everybody else in the world. First, no one... and I repeat, no one has the power to change these three things, the weather, history and other people. No matter how much we may want to or try to, we have absolutely no control over changing any of those elements.

Although I am not in the category of some famous motivational speakers, my story along with my knowledge and experience produces positive results in those that have attended events in which I participated with keynote motivational speakers and other speakers around the country.


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