Huntsville Counselor
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Huntsville Counselor

Last Resort Counseling

Milton Anthony helps people develop the tools they need to open the door to recovery. His practice is based in Huntsville, AL.

Rehab Counselor

Rehabilitation Counselor

Milton faces daily challenges of blindness and more, this is what makes him an authority on how to handle most negative situations.

Bereavement Counseling

Grief Counseling

Please be patient with the process, learning to cope with pain and loss is the first step for healing with brighter days ahead of you.


Moral Reconation Therapy

An "evidence based" recovery program for offenders and high risk groups which uses group cognitive therapy to build the moral principles.


Motivational Speaker Huntsville AL

Huntsville Counseling Services

All over the world human beings share a common aspect, that controls us. What that aspect is... is something called our "internal dialogue." What we tell ourselves is what we will believe, over and above what any and every "expert" in the world might say....The reason for this? Quite simple! We have heard this voice longer than we have heard any others.

Milton's New State-Of-The-Art Prosthesis

Milton Skydiving 2015


  • Milton Anthony has a fascinating life story and you will not move in your chair, but he will keep you on the edge of your seat. His optimism, determination and commitment in the face of great odds is spellbinding.
    Bob Owen, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Please know what a pleasure it was for me to meet you and hear you speak in Birmingham on Saturday. From the moment you took the podium, you had all of us in the audience captivated. Your talk was moving, eloquent, and funny, as well as motivational and informing. Yours is a remarkable story, and you tell it with conviction and sincerity. I do hope I can hear you speak again.
    Randy Cross, Calhoun Community College
  • Milton Anthony encourages others to look at the bumps in the road of life, not as obstacles, but as challenges. "An obstacle is defined as a large barrier" he says, "but a challenge is an invitation to overcome something."
    Teresa Lockhart, Staff Writer LIFT Magazine